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Bestseller Rubber Ducks

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LILALU rubber duck unicorn costume frontal view Unicorn Costume Duck
Carnival, festival or under the christmas tree - the unicorn costume rubber duck is a gift that attracts attention...
€6.90 *
LILALU - Leuchtturm Ente - halblinks Lighthouse Duck
Whether you are a sea lover or a soul person who accompanies you through every storm, the Lighthouse rucbber duck is...
€6.90 *
LILALU rubber duck SM sitting in hands SM Duck
The SM rubber duck knows handcuffs well and is the right present for all daring escape artists.
€6.90 *
LILALU rubber duck al capo in a cigar box Al Capo Duck
Our Al Capo rubber duck is the perfect trophy for all crooks and gangster enthusiasts who like to take care of...
€6.90 *
LILALU rubber duck hippie female on a tree trunk Hippie Female Duck
Woodstock was a long time ago. But once a hippie, always a hippie. Our hippe female duck needs the variety to her...
€6.90 *
LILALU rubber duck football player on a football Football Duck
Touchdown! Our football rubber duck is the star on the field and in each Superbowl commercial! His nickname: the...
€6.90 *
LILALU rubber duck cactus next to a cactus Cactus Duck
Squeeking stingers? Thats something that you will only get at LILALU. Our cactus rubber duck declines stingers.
€6.90 *
LILALU Flamingo Quietscheente Frontansicht Flamingo Duck
Pink, beautiful and something really special! Once you see the flamingo rubber duck, you will know that she is the...
€6.90 *
Nordman Duck Nordman Duck
a brave conqueror and dragon hunter!
€6.90 *
LILALU Bachelor Quietscheente Frontansicht Bachelor duck
You graduated! Congratulation!
€6.90 *
LILALU rubber duck the Queen waving "The Queen" duck
...today without her Corgis.
€6.90 *
LILALU rubber duck Unicorn pink on a cake Unicorn duck, pink
Somewhere over the rainbow…
€6.90 *
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