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Bestseller Rubber Ducks

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LILALU rubber duck Wellness frontal view Wellness Duck
Relaxation is a gift for everyone! For all friends of creamy masks, relaxing massages and muddy bathes, this wellness...
€7.90 *
LILALU - Leuchtturm Ente - halblinks Lighthouse Duck
Whether you are a sea lover or a soul person who accompanies you through every storm, the Lighthouse rucbber duck is...
€7.90 *
LILALU rubber duck SM sitting in hands SM Duck
The SM rubber duck knows handcuffs well and is the right present for all daring escape artists.
€7.90 *
LILALU rubber duck football player on a football Football Duck
Touchdown! Our football rubber duck is the star on the field and in each Superbowl commercial! His nickname: the...
€7.90 *
LILALU rubber duck Pig frontal view Pig Duck
Pink, sweet as sugar and irresistibly cuddly. How can a rubber duck be that sweet?
€7.90 *
LILALU rubber duck snail sitting in green apples Snail Duck
A rubber duck that is always at home, doesn't exist? Our slug duck will proof you wrong.
€7.90 *
Mini Unicorn Duck, pink Mini Unicorn Duck, pink
I wish you something
€3.50 *
Nordman Duck Nordman Duck
a brave conqueror and dragon hunter!
€7.90 *
LILALU rubber duck black star frontal view Black star duck
Welcome to the dark side of the Force! The Black Star rubber duck shines in her black armour and welcomes every comrade.
€7.90 *
Granny duck Granny duck
...loves telling stories
€7.90 *
LILALU rubber duck the Queen waving "The Queen" duck
...today without her Corgis.
€7.90 *
Grandpa duck Grandpa duck
Still active in the water!
€7.90 *
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