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Piggy Banks

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LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Pink Star in a box Pink Star Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
Pink Star is a piggy bank with a preference for everything pink. That is why she prefers to protect treasures for...
€16.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Blue Diamond left half Blue Diamond Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
The Blue Diamond piggy bank looks especialy good next to the jewellery box and always has an eye on which piece of...
€16.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Shiny left half Shiny Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
For the next silver jewellery our Shiny money box is just perfect Through its silver skin, all coins are hiddden and...
€16.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS Sparschwein König King Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
The royal treasury, our King BIGGY never lets his coins out of sight. A gift for the blue-blooded or those who want...
€16.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Indian Chief on a keg Indian Chief Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
Our chief of all piggy banks hides his money well between the feathers. A piggy bank for real leaders with peace pipes.
€16.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS Sparschwein Schnorchler Snorkeler Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
The perfect gift and piggy bank for globetrotters and friends of cool water. The snorkeler is a true explorer.
€16.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Santa Claus with snow Santa Claus Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
Christmas always comes suddenly and unexpectedly, so the Santa piggy bank always has savings for the last present.
€16.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank fireman on the street Fireman Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
Whether as a club treasury or gift for everyday heroes: the piggy bank firefighter leaves nothing to burn.
€16.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Bavarian in straw Bavarian Male Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
Birthday bash at the Oktoberfest or a trip to the alps? Real friends are giving a filled piggy bank!
€16.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Bavarian Female in straw Bavarian Female Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
Shopping trip to Munich or the Oktoberfest? The costume filled with the necessary change makes this piggy bank a...
€16.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Bunny holding in hands Bunny Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
Time for two, Valentine's Day or Carnival? With the Bunny piggy bank you always present a pretty gift.
€16.90 *
LILALU Sparschwein Globus halblinks Globe Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
The route is the goal! For globetrotters and explorers, this globe piggy bank is a great present.
€16.90 *
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