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LILALU - Avatara Ente halbrechts Avatara Duck
In this blue rubber duck with pointed ears and cat's eyes, fiction and reality combine to create a wonderful gift!
€8.90 *
LILALU - SHARE HAPPINESS - Selfie Rubber Duck - design by LILALU Selfie Duck
Who is the most beautiful? Our Selfie Duck! Always with its finger on the release button, it is the star on all...
€8.90 *
Lion duck Lion duck
The mane looks good:
€8.90 *
Frog king with cloak Frog king with cloak
Kissing allowed!
€8.90 *
Duck with a crown, light blue Duck with a crown, light blue
Dressed in royal vesture!
€8.90 *
LILALU rubber duck woody on a wooden bench Woody Duck
This rubber duck has no wooden heart and is a lovely gift for all generous saviors of your galaxy!
€8.90 *
Lotti duck Lotti duck
lives in her own colorful fantasy world.
€8.90 *
LILALU rubber duck snail sitting in green apples Snail Duck
A rubber duck that is always at home, doesn't exist? Our slug duck will proof you wrong.
€8.90 *
Granny duck Granny duck
...loves telling stories
€8.90 *
Grandpa duck Grandpa duck
Still active in the water!
€8.90 *
Captain duck Captain duck
Chief of the seven bathtub-seas
€8.90 *
LILALU rubber duck monkey on a plant Monkey Duck
A monkey as a rubber duck? You can only get that from LILALU: Obviously including banana.
€8.90 *
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