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Christmas Ducks

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LILALU rubber duck angel in flowers Angel duck
Guardian angel for everyday life
€6.90 *
LILALU rubber duck Christmas Tree with presents Christmas Tree duck
Jingle Bells…
€6.90 *
LILALU rubber duck Santa Claus with Christmas decoration Santa duck
Ho ho ho! Ho ho ho!
€6.90 *
Nut cracker duck Nut cracker duck
Not only nice for Christmas.
€6.90 *
Joseph duck Joseph duck
The faithful timberman
€6.90 *
Caspar duck Caspar duck
...bows before the child.
€6.90 *
Balthasar duck Balthasar duck
...brings a royal gift.
€6.90 *
Melchior duck Melchior duck
...blesses the newborn king.
€6.90 *
Mini sheep duck, white Mini sheep duck, white
A tiny-baa to go
€3.50 *
Penguin duck Penguin duck
in proper style with swallowtail and hat.
€6.90 *
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