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BIGGYS for special occasions

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LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Ladybug in front of flowers Ladybug Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
The ladybug is a lucky beetle! As a gift with a bouquet of flowers the sweet piggy bank brings spring into the house.
€14.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Santa Claus with snow Santa Claus Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
Christmas always comes suddenly and unexpectedly, so the Santa piggy bank always has savings for the last present.
€14.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Birthday holding in hands Birthday Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
Our birthday piggy bank always has a surprise in store for your birthday. Every birthday boy or girl will be happy...
€14.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS Sparschwein Goldy Goldy Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
This Goldy piggy bank is a real treasure of gold herself and does not only bring gold wedding couples a great...
€14.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Shiny left half Shiny Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
For the next silver jewellery our Shiny money box is just perfect Through its silver skin, all coins are hiddden and...
€14.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Blue Diamond left half Blue Diamond Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
The Blue Diamond piggy bank looks especialy good next to the jewellery box and always has an eye on which piece of...
€14.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Guardian Angel with gift ribbon Guardian Angel Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
For all those who want to protect a special person or big treasures, the guardian angel piggy bank is just right and...
€14.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank Baby Boy on a cupboard Baby Boy Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
This little baby boy is the perfect first piggy bank for future explorations of the world in later years.
€14.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS piggy bank baby girl on a cupboard Baby Girl Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
The baby girl will surely take care of her little treasure and very soon, when the piggy bank is well fed, she will...
€14.90 *
LILALU BIGGYS Sparschwein Teufel Schrägansicht links Devil Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
The devil lies in the detail of this piggy bank, because inside it offers enough space for devilishly good ideas and...
€14.90 *
Bride Piggy Bank, BIGGYS Bride Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
Nothing is more important to a bride than her shoes. For this reason, our bride piggy bank helps to collect the...
€14.90 *
Groom Piggy Bank, BIGGYS Groom Piggy Bank, BIGGYS
This piggy bank does not only pay attention to the ring money, but also the family reserves are in good hands here....
€14.90 *
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