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LILALU HOLDYS Bodybuilder Frontansicht Bodybuilder Duck, HOLDYS
The bodybuilder holder makes a barbell out of the toothbrush and gives a strong performance to every pen.
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Fledermaus Zusatz Frontansicht Bat Duck, HOLDYS
This bat gives its contents hold at night and is the perfect holder for all night active.
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Flamingo Zusatz Frontansicht Flamingo Duck, HOLDYS
The Flamingo holder offers pencils, brushes and Co the perfect hold on one leg , a pink Eycatcher.
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Fee Zusatz Frontansicht Fairy Duck, HOLDYS
Using it as a holder for pens, brushes or toothbrushes, this fairy enchants every content into something special.
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Dark Duck Zusatz Frontansicht Dark Duck, HOLDYS
Whether for the toothbrush or as a pen holder, this Dark Duck takes the mission against disorder to a new level.
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Ente mit Gruss-Herz Zusatz Frontansicht Duck with Greetings, HOLDYS
This holder for toothbrushes and Co offers additional space for a nice greeting message on his greeting heart.
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Ente mit Krone Zusatz Frontansicht Duck with Crown, HOLDYS
The crowned duck holder is an eye-catcher in any bathroom and a must have for all princesses
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Black Star Zusatz Frontansicht Black Star Duck, HOLDYS
The Black Star holder brings the content to the dark side of power and is just right for fans of the Galaxy
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Spidy Zusatz Frontansicht Spidy Duck, HOLDYS
Spidy saves the order on the desk, because this holder always gives its best.
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Einhorn Zusatz Frontansicht Unicorn Duck, HOLDYS
This versatile holder in unicorn design is the perfect gift for lovers of horned horses.
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Gamma Zusatz Frontansicht Gamma Duck, HOLDYS
Green, muscular and strong, this Gamma Holder offers not only pens, brushes and toothbrushes the right hold.
8.90€ *
LILALU HOLDYS Meerjungfrau Zusatz Frontansicht Mermaid Duck, HOLDYS
With its colourful mermaid design this holder provides an underwater feeling in any bathroom.
8.90€ *