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Mona Lisa Duck - design by InterDuck

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The amazing Marilyn Monroe as a rubber duck When Leonardo Da Vinci painted his famous Mona... more

The amazing Marilyn Monroe as a rubber duck

When Leonardo Da Vinci painted his famous Mona Lisa in the sixteenth century, he would never have thought that this painting would keep the art world breathless for centuries. The origin of the lady in the picture is still not clarified and there are numerous theories on the subject. They range from a simple portrait of a nobleman or a mother's replacement for a motherless child to a secret declaration of love by Da Vinci to one of his students. The Mona Lisa has already sampled a lot: From Napoleon to acid attacks, she had to endure a lot. But till today she has not lost any of her shine. Our Mona Lisa duck didn't have to face as many difficulties as her rolemodel. Just like the original "The cheerful" she glows with quietness and elegance, which is only known from the real Mona Lisa. With her smile and the many loving details, she is the timeless beauty among the rubber ducks.

"Design by LILALU" - What it means to us

As you are used to from LILALU, every production runs through a strict product control. On the one hand we ensure that our customers always maintain the same quality, and on the other hand we also meet international and German quality standards. Our products are completely harmless to use and also suitable for toddlers and babies.

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7.50 x 8.50 x 8.50 cm

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